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                         Fish Creek Hotel Takeaway Menu 


Dinner 7 days per week

Lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday


Please call us on (03) 5683 2404 to place an order. 



Crispy Beer Battered Flat Head served with Chips, Salad and Tartare Sauce  $22  (GFO) 

Chicken Schnitzel served with choice of Sauce and Sides  $22 

Chicken Parmigiana served with choice of Sauce and Sides  $24 

300g Grass Feed Gippsland Scotch Fillet served with choice of Sauce and Sides  $35  (GFO) 

Bangers and Mash with Caramelised Onion Gravy and Seasonal Vegetables  $22 

Lamb Shank slow cooked in a Balsamic and Tomato sauce.  Served with Mash and Vegetable  $28  (GF) 

Carbonara Linguini – Crisp bacon, mushrooms and spring onions in a creamy white wine sauce  $22 

Butter Chicken with steamed Rice, Pappadums and Salad  $24  (GF) 

Frankie – the Mumbai Burrito of spice Potato and roasted Cauliflower served with Sweet Potato Chips, Hummus and Salad  $24  (V) 

Dukkha crumbed Barramundi with Sweet Potato chips, Salad and Spiced Hummus  $28   

Fisherman’s Platter:  Oysters Kilpatrick, fresh Prawns, grilled Moroccan Calamari, garlic poached Mussels and Beer battered Flat Head.  Served with Chips and salad  $38 


  • Choice of sides includes any two of Chips, Salad, Mashed Potato and Seasonal Vegetables. 


  • Choice of sauce includes Gravy, Mushroom Sauce, Pepper Sauce, Garlic Butter or Aioli. 


Burgers & Wraps: 

Golden Southern Fried Chicken and Chilli Spiced Slaw Burger with Chips  $15 

Mega BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger (Beef Burger, bacon, cheese, caramelised onion and Smokey BBQ Sauce) with Chips  $15 

Hawaiian Chicken Burger (Crumbed Chicken Breast, pineapple, bacon, cheese, sliced tomato, baby spinach and aioli) with Chips  $15 

Tandoori Chicken Wrap (marinated chicken breast, baby spinach, sliced tomato, red onion, Tzatziki dressing) and Chips  $15 



Beer Battered Flat Head with Chips and Salad  $16  (GFO) 

Chicken Schnitzel with Chips and Salad  $15 

Chicken Parmigiana with Chips and Salad  $16 

Southern fried chicken with Chips, Salad and spiced Aioli  $15 

Bangers and Mash with Caramelised Onion Gravy and Seasonal Vegetables  $16 

Pie of the day with Chips and Salad  $12 


Kids:  $7.50 

Fish and Chips 

BBQ Meatballs with chips 

Ham and Cheese Pizza subs & chips 

Party Pies and chips 

Spaghetti Bolognaise 

Nachos with salsa and sour cream 

Chicken Nuggets and chips 

Mini Dogs and chips   


Snacks & Sides: 

Cheesy Garlic Pizza  $8 

Buffalo Wings (6) with Blue Cheese Sauce  $10 

Roast Duck Spring Rolls (3) with Asian Dipping Sauce  $10 

Mac & Cheese Croquettes with aioli (4)  $10 

Southern Fried Chicken (3) with Chilli Aioli  $10 


Sweet Potato Chips with Aioli  $7 

Onion Rings  $7 

Chips and Gravy  $8 

Wedges with Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream  $10 

Garden Salad  $5 



Sticky Date pudding with Butter Scotch Sauce with Cream or Ice Cream  $10 

2 Pineapple Fritters tossed in Cinnamon Sugar with Cream or Ice Cream  $8